Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Peppermint is a natural alternative to breath fresheners.

If you have ever taken antibiotics then your gut flora will have been compromised.

There is nothing more off putting than bad breath.  Chronic bad breath is a symptom of an underlying problem such as poor oral hygiene, poor diet, digestive issues, gum disease, tooth decay, or other more serious medical conditions such as liver disease or diabetes.

Eliminating the obvious such as diets high in garlic and sulphur containing foods, improving oral hygiene and visiting your dentist for a clean and check up will help narrow down the cause. In this day and age of high protein and sugar diets,  bad breath often originates in your digest tract and stem from candida, yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth. Creating a healthy gut is key to both general good health as well as oral health.

Best Foods For Bad Breath

Water – Drink at least 8 glasses of water to flush toxins.

High fiber foods –  help improve digestion and help your body expel toxins.
Parsley – is a natural breath freshener since it is high in chlorophyll.
Citrus fruits and vegetables –  provide vitamins A and C, antioxidants that are necessary for healthy teeth and gums.
Foods high in probiotics – Include kefir, natural yogurt, amasai, kimchi or sauerkraut for natural probiotics.

Foods that Cause Bad Breath

Onions and garlic – These are the biggest problematic foods for bad breath, use them in moderation while cooking and do not eat them raw.
Fried foods or other high trans fat foods – These foods take a long time to move through the digestive system therefore producing halitosis.
Sugar – Sugar is found in everything now days – so be sure to read all labels for hidden sugars including fructose and corn syrup – which should be avoided at all costs. this included sweetened beverages and fruit juices.

Recommended Natural Remedies to Help Bad Breath

1 Chlorophyll (1 tsp after meals)
Will have the same effect as eating a sprig of parsley.

2 Probiotic (15+ billion – multi-species)
if you have ever taken antibiotics then your gut flora will have been compromised. A good brand of Probiotics helps increase the amount of friendly bacteria and reduce unfriendly (gas-producing bacteria). in my Functional Medicine Practice probiotics form a vital element in treating all conditions and become part of all my patient’s and my own daily life.

3 Milk thistle (200-250 mg x2 daily)
helps improve digestion and detoxify the liver, especially in a country where alcohol and braaing form a vital part of our social culture.

4 Peppermint essential oil (1-3 drops daily)
 This is a natural alternative to breath fresheners, good for your digestive system and can give breath a pleasant scent.

5 Coconut Oil Pulling (1 tbsp 5-20 minutes nightly)
This is an effective natural treatment for bad breath and general oral and overall health.  refer to our Oil Pulling article for the simple how to and benefits.