We are h.u.m.a.n

A network of specialists dedicated to providing our patients with the quality of individual care and attention they deserve.
Each of our proudly h.u.m.a.n members has been recognized and selected by the group for the unique skills and expertise
they bring as a leader in their respective field and for their commitment to delivering the level of service every patient
deserves and to guide them on their personal medical journey.

In an Increasingly impersonal World, those who show compassion and caring for others are rare Jewels.



Sophie Kuhn

We miss your efficiency overseas!

Andrea Fudge

My first visit to Camps Bay Dental Studio, with Dr Brogneri, has been positive. I was surprised that the Dentist really didn’t want to hurt me. The receptionist was friendly, helpful and informative. The dental assistant was very friendly, caring and gentle and the dentist was friendly, compassionate and informative. I found the practice tranquil…

Charmaine Bell

Although Tyla was like a bouncy ball on speed for the remainder of yesterday after her sedation, she has gone off to school no pain and laughing about her new look. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  You are the most amazing DENTIST and I have sold you to every single parent I meet because dental fear…

Matt Hooper

I would like to thank you all again for an amazing experience with the Camps Bay Dental Studio.  Quite different to seeing the “dentist” here! I will see you for a check up  “next season” when I will be visiting again.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Christine Carter

Thank you for your kind and caring treatment of my dreaded tooth extraction. It was far less traumatic than I had expected, and the subsequent pain was very slight.

Marylou Parry

Thanks for this! My teeth feel lovely and I don’t even feel like I was at the dentist yesterday – shanx!!

Clive Shonfeld

I have been dealing with Mark for over 3 years now as he looked to reconstruct all my front teeth. He did an unbelievable job and I highly recommend him. The best of the best!

Alastair Aird

I just wanted to thank you for the treatment you gave me this week at your dental clinic and thank you again for seeing me so rapidly, it really made a huge difference to the enjoyment of our holiday.


Dr Maria (as you have fondly become known as in our household already!) Thanks again for rushing Giorgo’s 8 fillings for him before we went away in Oct, we really appreciated it. Also want to convey our extreme gratitude for the amazing treatment that he received. You guys truly live up to your slogan (“We…

Samantha Annandale

Found this amazing dentist: Dr Maria that was referred to me by Dr. Adri v.d. Walt, who had met her but not familiar with her work. Maria works with kids, but more specifically challenged children and she is trained in how to handle and work with them. I took Kyle there last week for his…

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