Samantha Annandale

Found this amazing dentist: Dr Maria that was referred to me by Dr. Adri v.d. Walt, who had met her but not familiar with her work. Maria works with kids, but more specifically challenged children and she is trained in how to handle and work with them. I took Kyle there last week for his teeth and she managed to examine, take x-rays and do a show and tell of the dentist equipment.  Kyle left with a huge smile and a toy as a gift and her gloves which she filled with air and drew a face on.  Kyle is now looking forward to going back! I was amazed at how well she handled him and would recommend her for anyone with special needs children.  No other dentist would have this amount of patience and calmness. So rare to find a specialist Dentist who is exceptionally skilled in managing the behavior of autistic children and accommodates their restraints and inhibitions.