The Budwig Diet Fights Cancer

Without the proper metabolism of fats in our bodies, every vital function and every organ is affected.

Dr. Budwig discovered that when she combined flaxseed oil, with its powerful healing nature of essential electron rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

Dr. Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95. She has been referred to as a top European cancer research scientist, biochemist, blood specialist, German pharmacologist, and physicist. Dr. Budwig was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee.

In Germany in 1952, she was the central government’s senior expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs. She’s considered one of the world’s leading authorities on fats and oils. Her research has shown the tremendous effects that commercially processed fats and oils have in destroying cell membranes and lowering the voltage in the cells of our bodies, which then result in chronic and terminal disease. What we have forgotten is that we are body electric.

The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and the cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged. We are all aware of how fats clog up our veins and arteries and are the leading cause of heart attacks, but we never looked beyond the end of our noses to see how these very dangerous fats and oils are affecting the overall health of our minds and bodies at the cellular level.

Dr. Budwig discovered that when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated, their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed. This commercial processing of fats destroys the field of electrons that the cell membranes (60-75 trillion cells) in our bodies must have to fire properly (i.e. function properly).

The fats’ ability to associate with protein and thereby to achieve water solubility in the fluids of the living body—all this is destroyed. As Dr. Budwig put it, “the battery is dead because the electrons in these fats and oils recharge it.” When the electrons are destroyed the fats are no longer active and cannot flow into the capillaries and through the fine capillary networks. This is when circulation problems arise.

Without the proper metabolism of fats in our bodies, every vital function and every organ is affected. This includes the generation of new life and new cells. Our bodies produce over 500 million new cells daily. Dr. Budwig points out that in growing new cells, there is a polarity between the electrically positive nucleus and the electrically negative cell membrane with its high unsaturated fatty acids. During cell division, the cell, and new daughter cell must contain enough electron-rich fatty acids in the cell’s surface area to divide off completely from the old cell. When this process is interrupted the body begins to die. In essence, these commercially processed fats and oils are shutting down the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold of our bodies.

A very good example would be tumors. Dr. Budwig noted that “The formation of tumors usually happens as follows. In those body areas which normally host many growth processes, such as in the skin and membranes, the glandular organs, for example, the liver and pancreas or the glands in the stomach and intestinal tract—it is here that the growth processes are brought to a stand still. Because the polarity is missing, due to the lack of electron rich highly unsaturated fat, the course of growth is disturbed—the surface-active fats are not present; the substance becomes inactive before the maturing and shedding process of the cells ever takes place, which results in the formation of tumors.”

She pointed out that this can be reversed by providing the simple foods, cottage cheese, and flax seed oil, which revises the stagnated growth processes. This naturally causes the tumor or tumors present to dissolve and the whole range of symptoms which indicate a “dead battery are cured.” Dr. Budwig did not believe in the use of growth-inhibiting treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. She was quoted as saying “I flat declare that the usual hospital treatments today, in a case of tumorous growth, most certainly leads to worsening of the disease or a speedier death, and in healthy people, quickly causes cancer.”

Dr. Budwig discovered that when she combined flaxseed oil, with its powerful healing nature of essential electron rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

I found testimonials of people from around the world who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (all types of cancer), sent home to die and were now actually cured and living healthy, normal lives. Not only had Dr Budwig been using her protocol for treating cancer in Europe, but she also treated other chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart infarction, irregular heart beat, psoriasis, eczema (other skin diseases), immune deficiency syndromes (Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases), diabetes, lungs (respiratory conditions), stomach ulcers, liver, prostate, strokes, brain tumors, brain (strengthens activity), arteriosclerosis and other chronic diseases. Dr. Budwig’s protocol proved successful where orthodox traditional medicine was failing.

Since Dr. Budwig mentioned the strengthening of the brain, I believe not only Multiple Sclerosis, but also ALS “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease could also be significantly impacted with her protocol. I also believe that this protocol could have the greatest impact early into the disease, and could very possibly reverse these diseases entirely. Dr. Budwig states, “A Swede has proved that (no brain function) can take place at all without three-fold unsaturated fats. Without any doubt, every function of the brain—and this has been scientifically proved—needs the very easy activation effect of three-fold unsaturated fats.

“The same applies to nerve functions and for regeneration within the muscle after strenuous muscle activity, in the so-called oxidative recovery phase during sleep. This process requires the highly unsaturated, particularly electron-rich fatty acids in flax seed oil. So, when I wish to help a very sick patient, I must first give the most optimal oil I have. My opinion is flax seed oil.”

Dr. Budwig pointed out in her book that she often took very sick cancer patients from the hospital with only hours or a few days left to live and had very good results with her protocol, most of the time. I would assume some patients she worked with were too badly damaged by the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She pointed out that in some of these patients she would start their therapy with an enema of 500 CCs of an oil mixture and “that their subjective awareness of well-being increased immediately.”

She pointed out that many could not urinate, produce bowel movements, or when coughing were unable to bring up the mucous, but once the protocol was initiated this started reactivation of the vital functions and the patients immediately began feeling better. The Budwig diet appears to allow cancer cells to start breathing again.

Dr. Budwig, in her book, also brought up the relationship between the Fats Syndrome, Electrons, Photons, and Solar Energy provided by the Sun.

She pointed out that the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy and an element of life that affects the vital functions of the body. This, in part, is due to the photons in sunlight which are the purest form of energy, the purest wave, and in continual movement. Dr. Budwig states, “electrons are already a constituent of matter, even though they are also in continual movement and that electrons love photons, attracting each other due to their magnetic fields. There is nothing else on earth with a higher concentration of photons of the sun’s energy than man. This concentration of the sun’s energy — very much an iso-energetic point for humans, with their eminently suitable wavelengths — is improved when we eat food which has electrons which in turn attract the electromagnetic waves of sunbeams, of photons.

“A high amount of these electrons which are on the wavelength of the sun’s energy, are to be found, for example, in seed oils. Scientifically, these oils are even known as electron–rich essential highly unsaturated fats. But, when people began to treat fats to make them keep longer, no-one stopped to consider the consequences of this, for the existence and higher development of the human race. These vitally important amounts of electrons, with their continual movement and the wonderful reaction of light, were destroyed.”

Dr. Budwig found when she treated patients and had them lie in the sun she noticed they started feeling much better and became rejuvenated. She referred to the sun as having a stimulating effect on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bladder and salivary glands. Dr. Budwig also stated “Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own wavelength.” It appears apparently that sunlight is absolutely essential for the stimulation effect of the vital functions of the mind and body, contributing to the factors which allow the body to heal itself.

Dr. Budwig mentioned that doctors tell patients and cancer patients to avoid the sun as they can’t tolerate it and that is correct. She says once these patients start on her oil-protein nutritional advice for two or three days which means they have been getting sufficient amounts of essential fats, they can then tolerate the sun very well. She said the patients then tell her how much better they feel as their vitality and vigor is re-stimulated.

The last of the points mentioned by Dr. Budwig, and maybe the most important, is the electrons in our food serve as the resonance system for the sun’s energy and are truly the element of life. Man acts as an antenna for the sun. The interplay between the photons in the sunbeams and the electrons in the seed oils and our foods governs all the vital functions of the body.

This has to be one of the greatest discoveries ever made as this combination promotes healing in the body of chronic and terminal diseases. In her book, Dr. Budwig states “Various highly trained and educated individuals are dismayed and irritated by the fact that serious medical conditions can be cured by cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.”

The mixing of the oil and cottage cheese allows for the chemical reaction to take place between the sulfur protein in the cottage cheese and the oil, which makes the oil water soluble for easy absorption into your cells.

The Budwig Protocol

The mixing ratio is two tablespoons of cottage cheese to one tablespoon of oil. Mix only the amount you are consuming at one time so it is mixed fresh each and every time. One example would be to mix (4) tablespoons of cottage cheese to (2) tablespoons of flax oil, consumed twice daily or more depending on the severity of the health condition, one is attempting to address. One should probably start slowly with the oil, maybe just once a day and work their way up letting the body adjust to the protocol. The oil and the cottage cheese must be thoroughly mixed at a low speed, using an Immersion Blender, blending until a creamy texture with no standing oil is achieved.

The mixture should then be immediately consumed.

Do not add anything to the mixture until after it is mixed.

We have always recommended using the immersion [stick or wand like] mixer for the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Here is a link to an immersion mixer.

My tip: Once the yoghurt and flax seed oil are mixed, then I add 4-7 apricot kernels – and to this, according to what I feel like: sweet or savoury, if savoury: I  add either avocado with seeds and almonds or if “sweet”: berries (high in anti-oxidants), nuts and if u having it as breakfast, gluten free granola.

One may want to consider sprinkling a tablespoon or two of freshly ground flaxseed over the top of the freshly mixed flax oil and cottage cheese mixture. Mix this in by hand. This supercharges the protocol. Do not buy pre-ground flax seed as the flax seed goes rancid 15 minutes after grinding. Brown or golden whole flaxseed is available at the health food stores and either will work. You may grind up the fresh flax seed with a small coffee grinder. Store the seeds in the refrigerator and grind fresh each time.

You may also stir in with a spoon 2-3 tablespoons of organic low-fat milk for a creamier mixture. This can be mixed in by hand after the initial blending. The mixture can be flavored differently every day by adding nuts, preferably organic such as pecans, almonds or walnuts (not peanuts), banana, organic cocoa, organic shredded coconut, pineapple (fresh), blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, or (freshly) squeezed fruit juice. It’s usually best to place the fresh fruit on top of the completed mixture and enjoy as its own meal. Try your best to obtain organic fruit when possible. Many times this can be found frozen when not in season.

Dr. Budwig pointed out that people who are suffering from chronic or terminal disease should work themselves up to consuming 4 – 8 Tbs of the oil daily. Usually, the higher limits 6-8 Tbsp were for people with cancer. She stated people with liver or pancreatic cancer etc, may have to work up very slowly with the oil and possibly only start with 1 teaspoon at a time giving their body time to adjust. Dr. Budwig pointed out that cancer patients once starting the protocol and getting it under control must continue with a maintenance dose to prevent reoccurrence. A maintenance dose is considered (1) Tbsp of the oil per 100 pounds of body weight. The Budwig Diet takes time to work and in the event of cancer, tumors, etc may take 3-6 months to see results. Many other health issues may respond much faster.

Also here is a very good YouTube video which actually shows how to make the flax oil and cottage cheese mixture correctly. When starting the protocol you would not want to make such a large amount at first, as shown in the video.

If you are lactose intolerant you may want to try the following. Since commercial milk is pasteurized, beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the milk and dairy products are destroyed. This has led to a number of people having difficulty in tolerating quark or cottage cheese.

Dairy is an important component in Dr. Budwig’s Oil-Protein Diet. Because good substitutes are hard to find, it is worthwhile for those who are lactose intolerant to try different ways of tolerating dairy.

Some possibilities (in no particular order):

  • Use raw milk and raw milk products if you can get them.
  • Use goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk products.
  • Take the enzyme Lactasewith quark or cottage cheese.

Try Nancy’s Cottage Cheese which is made with lactic cultures. For more details, including a store locator, go to this website:

  • Make yogurt quark (recipe under “Foods” in the files)
  • Make kefir quark (straining kefir to get a cream cheese consistency)
  • Get kefir grains, make kefir, remove grains, and strain through fine muslin cloth.

To learn more, do a Google search for “kefir”.

FSO2 member Cheryl du Toit says this about kefir in message #29710: “Kefir cottage cheese (or quark) is most certainly our solution for lactose intolerant people. It works like a charm.”

If one does not wish to make kefir, it can be purchased from the health food store in the refrigerated section. Organic Kefir comes in a liquid and the oil may be stirred into the kefir and consumed. It tastes very good. Make sure the oil is totally dissolved into the kefir before consuming. You may want to check with the health food store and see if they have a kefir cheese similar to cottage cheese which should work, as long as the flax oil blends in and does not float back to the top.

In the case of a person with a feeding tube, one could mix flax oil into the organic kefir by hand as mentioned above. Then pour into the feeding tube. Again, this can be done using ¼ cup kefir to 1 tablespoon of the flax oil and given throughout the day at different times. You may be able to use even a little more oil with the ¼ cup kefir. One may have to play with the mixture to get the desired results. Make sure there is no oil floating on top of the kefir before pouring into the feeding tube.

Dr. Budwig noted prior to administering her protocol she had observed blood analysis of seriously ill cancer patients which showed a strange greenish-yellow substance in the place of the healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin. She found their blood, without exception, was deficient in substances called phosphatides and lipoproteins. It has also been found that most people have blood that is 80 percent deficient in Omega 3. Dr. Budwig found that cancer patient’s blood, after three months of using her protocol, returned to bright red and the tumors began disappearing. Weakness and anemia disappeared and the life energy was restored. Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction, and diabetes were completely alleviated.

It has been mentioned in several articles that once a chronic or terminal disease has been brought under control or into remission the amount of flax oil may be reduced to 1 tablespoon per 100 pounds of body weight for maintenance. To prevent reoccurrence of the cancer one should stay on the maintenance dose.

If yogurt is used in place of the cottage cheese it will require three times more yogurt to be consumed than cottage cheese as it lacks the protein density of cottage cheese. Even then, this may not be as effective. There is some question, as Dr. Budwig never addressed this issue. The yogurt will have to be (live cultures, not the kind in the supermarket). An example of using the yogurt would be a ¾ cup of yogurt to 1 tablespoon of flax oil.

The following items listed below should be avoided on this diet.

(The reason one needs to exclude these items from his / her diet is that they interfere with the diet by lowering the voltage field in the cells.)

  • Sugar
  • All animal fats
  • All meats
  • Margarine
  • Butter
  • Salad dressing oils- exception extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon
  • Foods high in Preservatives