Dr Angela Harris

Dr Angela Harris

BChD (Stell) cum laude
MChD (Stell) cum laude
Hons BSc (Epidemiology) cum laude
Diploma in Tertiary Education (Unisa) cum laude
FCD (Orthodontics)SA
PhD (UWC).

My speciality is Orthodontics and I have been in private practice and academics since 1991.  Qualifications BChD (Stell) cum laude, MChD (Stell) cum laude, Hons BSc (Epidemiology) cum laude, Diploma in Tertiary Education (Unisa) cum laude, Fellow of the College of Dentistry FCD (Orthodontics)SA, PhD (UWC).  I practice from Dr Paul Botha’s rooms in Bloemhof, Bellville and have a part-time practice in Vredenburg/ Langebaan area on the West Coast.

South African Society of Orthodontics: Chair of Education Committee (2008-2010).
UWC Dental Faculty: Research Committee; Higher Degrees Committee, Faculty Board, Senate (2004-present), Cluster Heads (2004-2007; 2011-).
University of Stellenbosch: Faculty of Dentistry: Faculty Board (1981-2003), Heads of Department Committee (1992-2003), various committees related to research, undergraduate and postgraduate training (1981-2003).

Management responsibilities

Head of Department, Professor/ Chief Specialist: Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Stellenbosch (1992-2003). Managed and coordinated undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and research conducted in the Department. This included postgraduate training of 12 MChD students, 4 MSc (Research) students, PDD students (about 15 per year, 1995-2003), 5 Hons BSc (Orthodontics) students. Management and timetabling of between 8 and 10 orthodontic consultants.
Head of Cluster, Department of Orthodontics and Paedodontics, UWC, 2004-2007.
Professor/Chief Specialist, Department of Orthodontics and Paedodontics, UWC, 2007- present. Coordinator of MChD programme.
Head of Cluster, Orthodontics and Paedodontics, UWC, 2011 –
Academic (Teaching & Research) responsibilities/ Expertise in particular fields
As HOD, Department of Orthodontics at University of Stellenbosch (1992-2003) and UWC (2004-2007) I have been responsible for all aspects of management and coordination of departmental research activities, and undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes. I have personally supervised 11 research projects for MChD students, 4 MSc (Research) theses, and several undergraduate projects (including SADA/Dentsply winning project 2008).
Research output includes 42 full publications in peer-reviewed journals and 31 published abstracts.

Clinical responsibilities/ Expertise in particular fields
Clinical responsibilities include treatment of patients at Tygerberg platform, with special interest in treatment of cleft lip/palate defects and patients with syndromes. Clinical supervision of MChD registrars and BChD V students (treating interceptive orthodontics cases).
Other Activities/ Responsibilities/ Special acknowledgements
Examiner for FFD (Ortho) examinations, College of Medicine, South Africa.
HPCSA activities: Member of accreditation boards for undergraduate and postgraduate orthodontic programmes at South African universities. Disciplinary matters.

Referee for journals, including American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, South African Dental Journal.