Dr. Aubrey Everson

BChD (Stellenbosch)

“Dental treatment choice should not be complicated, ask yourself if this is me or my daughter, what choice will I make.”

After obtaining my degree, I joined the SA Defense Force, which was compulsory. I had a special interest in cosmetic and surgical dentistry and had the privilege to work with and assist numerous specialists, and obtained a lot of hands-on experience in various surgical procedures.

During my career as a dentist I have gradually focused more on surgical procedures. I have successfully placed in excess of 3000 implants. In order to maximize my success rate, I have attended numerous courses. I have joined the MSc team at the University of Warwick and have successfully completed their modules in advanced grafting and bone augmentation.
I have attended a resident clinic – Dr. Paulo Malo (Lisbon, Portugal) where I have been trained in the Nobel Guide system and completed a full hands-on course on the All-On-Four technique. I have implemented this knowledge in my surgery and this has contributed to the high success rate I have been achieving.
I have also attended the Simplant Academy’s software training course. I use their system extensively in the preparation and planning of cases. I often make use of their supported guides when placing implants.
I am currently an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology. I am closely involved in this organization and feel that this is an excellent way of staying well informed on current and future techniques and developments in Implantology.
I have gained a good reputation regarding my surgical techniques and ethos and I am placing implants regularly on a referral basis.
I have attended numerous courses on aesthetic smile design and have done in excess of a 250 smile design cases. Many of these were done under guidance of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


During my compulsory National Service I was based in Pretoria, South Africa, and was promoted to Head Dentist of the Liberty Life Dental Clinic. My duties included attending all meetings and overseeing all staff related issues, as well as making sure that the clinic operated economically. As a dentist, I benefited tremendously from my association with this clinic. It gave me the opportunity of exposure to almost every aspect of
dentistry ranging from dental and surgical conditions and their treatments through to administrative aspects.
In private practice I had to deal with all aspects of running and managing a practice. I supervised stock ordering and dealt with all administrative aspects of private practice including staff related aspects, reconciling medical aid statements and paying of creditors as well as writing letters of motivation for treatment plans.
In addition to the above, I have successfully managed our NHS practice in the UK: administration and staff.


1993 – Continuing education: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Pretoria
1993 – Military Medicine: South African Medical Services
1994 – Maxillo Facial Orthopaedics: Clinical Foundation of Orthopaedics and Orthodontics
1996 – Continuing education: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Pretoria
1997 – Dentistry for Africa: South African Dental Association congress at Sun City – various topics
1998 – Continuing education: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Pretoria
1998 – Treatment of children with special needs
1998 – Modern Day Aesthetics and Bonding Systems: Dr. Alton Lacey
1998 – Third Warmbaths Congress – Practical Modern Day Dentistry
1999 – Dentcrown Porcelain inlays, Ceramic Reconstruction and Restorations
1999 – Aesthetics in Dentistry: Dental Symposiums
2000 – The Pursuit of Aesthetic Excellence – Perio-Prostho Approach: Dental Symposiums
2000 – Dental Implantology – Designing the Future for Success: Dental Symposiums
2000 – Controversies and Dilemmas in Implant Dentistry: Prossa Day
2000 – Excellence in Matrix Systems, Interproximal contacts: Institute for Practical Dentistry
2000 – Excellence in Endodontics: Institute for Practical Dentistry
2000 – Excellence in Rubber dam and alternative methods of isolation: Institute for Practical Dentistry
2000 – Fourth Warmbaths Congress: Practical Modern Day Dentistry
2001 – Advanced CEREC Restorations
2001 – International Dental Implant Congress – Optimizing Dental Implant Treatments: Southern Implants
2002 – National Seminar for Private Dentistry: Independent Seminars
2002 – World Aesthetic Congress: Independent Seminars
2003 – Advanced Implantology: Southern Implants
2004 – Invisalign Orthodontic Therapy: Align Technology, UK
2004 – Advanced Bone Augmentation and Grafting: MSc Applied Health Studies, Implant Dentistry, University of Warwick
2004 – From Implantologist to Explantologist, why implants fail: Ventura
2004 – Mucogingival Surgery – A clinical and scientific approach to Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Sevenoaks, Kent
2004 – The Cosmetic-Occlusal Connection: Independent Seminars, London
2005 – Creating life-like etched porcelain bonded restorations: Independent Seminars
2005 – Dentist/Patient Participation Course in Surgical and Prosthetic Aspects of Implantology: Southern Implants
2005 – Nobel Biocare Guide System: Dr. Paulo Malo Clinic, Lisbon
2005 – Practical and Contempory Techniques in Implantology and Orthodontics: Essex, UK
2006 – Nobel Biocare – All on Four: Dr. Paulo Malo Clinic, Lisbon
2006 – World Tour Conference: Nobel Biocare, London
2006 – Private Dentistry with Dr. Tom Orent – 1000 Gems: Independent Seminars, London
2006 – Invisible Beauty – Understanding the art and science behind tooth coloured dentistry: London
2006 – Dr. Daniel Buser (University Berne, Switzerland) Interactive online course: -Implant Placement with Simultaneous GBR (Guided Bone Regenerating) Technique -Surgical Techniques for Sinus Floor Elevation -Laterally Ridge Augmentation with the GBR Technique -Early implantation with simultaneous GBR Technique/implantation after the extraction
2007 – Dr. Buser and Belzer – Advanced Aesthetic Implantology using GBR Technique: Stellenbosch, South Africa
2011 – Digital Photography in Dentistry: SAAD
2011 – Webdesign and Marketing Course: University of Cape Town
2012 – Damon Orthodontic Study Group – Challenging Cases
2012 – ITI Study meeting (International Team of Implantologists)
2012 – Passive self-ligation course: Ormco
2013 – Endodontics Protaper Next: Maillefer
2014 – International Conference – Thinking outside the box: Southern Implants
2014 – African Damon Symposium at Sun City: Ormco
2014 – CAD/CAM Masters Congress: Sirona
2014 – Surgical Troubleshooting in Dental Implant Surgery: Southern Implants
2015 – IFED (International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry) and SAAD Conference in Cape Town


SPORT: As a spectator I am particularly enthusiastic about rugby, cricket, golf and soccer. As a participant I enjoy golf, cricket and microlight flying.
EXERCISE: To keep fit I enjoy jogging and cycling and participated in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour twice.
HOBBIES: Trout fishing, clay-pigeon shooting and hunting are the things I enjoy doing with my friends.
LEISURE: I love and appreciate good music (Jazz in particular), good food and wine. I also love sightseeing and touring with my family.



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