Dr Gerry Parolis

Dr Gerry Parolis


Dr Gerry Parolis is a consultant physician stationed in the Emergency unit of Groote Schuur Hospital, the Academic Hospital of the Western Metropole in Cape Town.  He graduated from UCT medical school in 1994 with an MBChB, and qualified as a specialist physician in 2004 after numerous medical officer jobs and registrar training at Groote Schuur hospital.

His main objective is to implement a holistic, integrated approach to affordable patient management in the public domain.  His passion in striving toward more accurate diagnostic execution is complemented by the will for more transparent and empathetic communication with patient and family. Also, his heartfelt commitment to manage patients in a holistic and wholesome manner spawned his interest in preventative medicine and ideal nutrition.

His other great zeal is the training of the future  doctors that will hopefully create a legacy based on an edifice of clinical excellence in a sustainable economic context.