Dr. Matthew Young (INTERNATIONAL)


Undergraduate Education

Davidson College, Davidson North Carolina BS-1979

Dental Training

Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis Indiana DDS-1983

Magnificent Obsession: Making the Dental Profession Safer Through Mercury Vapor Hygiene


Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology 2010-2011


Board of Directors of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Fellowship in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology


Private General Biologic Dental Practice (solo) from 1983-present


Recent lectures and research


  • 09-12-2015 Amalgam Particulate Exposure and the Occupational Risks to Dental Personnel During Removal With the High Speed Dental Drill Presentation given at the Fall IAOMT meeting in Las Vegas Nevada.   Subject matter included probable summation of occupational exposure when combining the initial exposure to mercury vapor AND the chronic exposure from out gassing particulate.  Particulate exposure increases significantly the closer the samples are taken surrounding the patient’s face and chest.
  • 11-22-2013 Mercury Hygiene in a Dental School Setting .  Presentation to the deans of Indiana University School of Dentistry.  Summary of mercury toxicity to humans and the environment, routes of exposure to staff, faculty, students and patients, mercury hygiene with vapor and particulate and possible engineering changes that can be utilized to minimize school contamination.


  • 09-2012 Current Clinical Practice Guidelines for Mercury Vapor Hygiene-A study designed to precisely measure the levels of mercury vapor and particulate exposure to dental employees. We utilized cold mass spectrophotometry to sample the air during high speed drilling on mercury amalgam fillings out of prosthetic teeth.  Industrial hygienists were calculating data and preparing it for future publication. Particulate wipes and samples were taken from three locations on the dental assistant and four locations on the patient to add to the conversation.  IAOMT OSHA compliant engineering controls with six layers of protection were selectively removed to gather data on their degree of effectiveness.  This clean data was compared to levels obtained with only water irrigation of the drill and vacuum suction next to the tooth (the typical scenario when done by an average modern dentist).    Raw pre-publication data suggests that IAOMT safety engineering controls provide a significant level of protection equivalent to 1/20 of the OSHA PEL limits to employees (50 micrograms/cubic liter of air/eight hour work day and/or 100 micrograms in a single exposure) and levels below the CDC/ATSDR levels of evacuation of public and government buildings (10 micrograms per cubic meter of air requires remediation).  In contrast the traditional method of only water and suction will be shown to be significantly higher.
  • 03-2012 American Dental Education Association Spring Meeting Orlando Florida Mercury Vapor Hygiene In Dentistry A comprehensive presentation regarding mercury toxicity and systemic effects, environmental exposure while handling mercury amalgam fillings, genetically impaired mercury phenotypes in human DNA and environmental risks to our planet. Remediation of risks, both legally and ethically is explained in detail.  Simple to employ engineering controls are shown to reduce the toxic levels of mercury vapor during a typical workday.  Measurable results can be obtained in real time for the dentist to document OSHA compliance in case of inspection.  OSHA regulation 1910:1200 dictates that levels stay below the PEL limits previously described.
  • 08-2011 US State Department joint committee of Health and Human Services, US State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency shareholders meeting regarding the environmental, industrial and medical/dental use of mercury. Preliminary meeting in formulating United State’s policy in regards to UN Environmental UNEP.  Presentation given about the amounts of mercury which the profession of dentistry adds to the environment through direct use, indirect exposure after human excretion and industrial dumping of dental mercury into the environment during artesian gold mining.
  • 2005-2011 Various presentations to local home school groups; parents of autistic children, alternative heath care focus groups and other holistic organizations on the topics of community fluoridation and mercury exposure and toxicity. Details upon request.


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