Munibah Mohamed

On behalf of the children and staff at Explore and Discover Montessori Preschool we would like to thank you for coming to visit our school this morning. We have learned so many new things today and will promise to take care of our teeth much better now, thank you for the gifts you have given us and we will definitely implement the DUMMY TREE for the fairies at night and remember to brush our teeth two times a day, not forgetting the sugar free chewing gum after we have eaten the bad sweets or chocolates! It is always such a pleasure to have you at our school and we forgot your assistant’s name, but she was so spontaneous and had so much love and passion towards our children, thank you so much for that! Looking forward to seeing you next year! Thanking you so very much and keep well. Fondest Regards Munibah Mohamed (school principal) – Explore & Discover Montessori Preschool.